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Black Metal

Nonprofits using video see email clickthrough rates increase 300-500% and crowdfunding donations increase 504%.

Increased Engagement
and Donations

Our marketing videos quickly establish trust and build relationships with viewers.

Quickly Establishes
Relationships and Trust

Viewers retain 95% of messages watched in video compared to 10% when read. Video storytelling boosts emotional connection and donations.

Compelling Stories.

Benefits of Video Storytelling
for Nonprofit Organizations

Video Storytelling for Nonprofits that
Show Your Impact to Increase Funding

Our video content helps funders, donors, and grant providers visualize your nonprofit's mission, inspiring their support and donations.

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Featuring some of the most talented individuals in the business, the conference will discuss the latest developments in hospitality and include leisure events for attendees to network with other professionals and meet the students who will be leading the industry in the future.

Cornell Hotelie Hall of Fame 2022

Hotel Ezra Cornell is a three-day, student-run business conference for hospitality industry leaders and members of the Cornell community from across the globe.

Cornell University: HEC 97 Conference Recap

A 98-year tradition of the School of the Hotel Administration, HEC is one of the oldest organizations at Cornell and an unparalleled introduction to the students, faculty, and alumni of the preeminent hospitality program in the nation

Cornell University HEC 95 | Dare to Do

Previous Client Videos 

We work with non-profit of all sizes.

We even work with government organizations and institutions.

Black Metal

Comprehensive Video
Storytelling Package

Everything you need, in one value-packed bundle!

We create effective marketing videos for you to use on your website to quickly introduce yourself and your firm to potential clients.

Marketing Video
For Website

Our short-form ads are one of the most effective marketing tools for nonprofits with the potential of reaching hundreds of thousands of people each day on the most popular social media platforms.

Short Format Ads for
Any Social Media Platform

Our videos are created and formatted to be easily shared on social media platforms in order to generate organic leads.

Organic Social
Media Videos

Reach Potential Donors, Funders,
and Partners for Your Nonprofit

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