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Bitanga Productions is a video production and marketing company located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At Bitanga Productions, we embrace collaboration and foster relationships with creatives to scale our production to any required magnitude.

About Bitanga Productions

Having collaborated with non-profit organizations and higher-ed institutions, we’ve gained insights into their challenges and have crafted a method for producing and deploying content that yields impactful outcomes. Our approach involves creating multi-video frameworks designed to build trust and credibility among students, parents, and stakeholders.

What's particularly appealing about our approach is that your involvement can be tailored to your preference – whether you'd like to be highly engaged or more hands-off. We manage every aspect, from project logistics and scheduling to conducting interviews and more, freeing up your valuable time to concentrate on other essential responsibilities.

Our commitment to our clients goes beyond creating videos; we provide comprehensive video marketing strategies.

We have a track record in creating successful campaigns for nonprofits and universities of all sizes. Some of our notable clients include the Alaska State Council on the Arts, Cornell University, and the Pillsbury Institute for Hospitality Entrepreneurship.

While we have a talented in-house team, we also collaborate with a network of experienced cinematographers, audio engineers, editors, and graphic designers. This allows us the flexibility to bring any video concept to life - from simple videos to complex productions.


We have the expertise and resources to fully realize your vision. You can trust us to handle all aspects of your video project.

We create videos tailored to guide prospective students and non-profit stakeholders through their respective decision-making processes, leading to heightened interest, improved retention, and a better return on investment (ROI).

Our Video Strategy Framework

The example above outlines a foundational strategy that can be applied effectively to both higher education institutions and non-profit organizations. By strategically deploying various video assets, we address the unique preferences, concerns, questions, and uncertainties of your target audience. The result is establishing trust and credibility, ultimately delivering outcomes for your institution or non-profit.

Bitanga Productions

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Rafael Bitanga

Founder and Executive Producer

Bitanga Productions Story

While in college at Cornell University, Rafael combined his degree in hospitality with his lifelong creative passion, forming Bitanga Productions. Bitanga Productions' notable achievements include assisting the Alaska State of Arts & Humanities in raising over $100,000 for youth programs across the state and helping the Alaska Travel Industry Association generate $9,000+ for scholarships aimed at high school seniors, college students, and industry professionals seeking further professional development.


In his spare time, Rafael enjoys playing the piano and singing love songs while his partner strums the guitar. After indulging in music, he dedicates time to reading a book each week, delving into subjects such as personal finance, real estate (FIRE Movement), and mental health. During weekends, Rafael hosts dinners where he invites guests to engage in conversations ranging from the future of AI to the intricacies of starting a startup.


Bitanga Productions is committed to making their website and content accessible to everyone, following WCAG 2.1 standards up to level AA. If you face accessibility challenges, contact them at for alternative accessible solutions in compliance with the law.

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