Your Story During COVID-19

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Hello, my name is Rafael Bitanga working with Josh Jacobs to document your experience during COVID-19. 


Schedule a time to talk:


How does it work?

You will schedule a time to speak with either Josh or Rafael. The call will happen via Zoom Call. The call should be 10-15 minutes. No PREPARATION NEEDED. All the questions are reflective and open ended. 

EX: What has life been like during COVID-19?

Where will the videos go? 

Once your interview is done, it will be posted here:

Why are we doing this? 

It is important for us to have youth experiences documented during this time of uncertainty. For many pandemics and global events, lives of youth are missing in the narrative. 


By participating, your interview footage, you are allowing Bitanga Productions and Kalayaan Collective (Sub organization under Bitanga Productions) to use your footage to be turned into a short film and uploaded online on and social media. This does not grant Bitanga Productions and Kalayaan Collective to sell your raw footage.



Thank you so much for allowing us into your life. We wish you all the best in whatever you do!