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Exceptional Photos without the Expensive Prices

$150 2021 Summer Special Session in Ithaca, New York


Only keep the photos YOU love, $15 each or less.

Book your

Choose your convenient date, time,

and location.

Enjoy a customized

photo shoot

We will make you feel comfortable and guide you to the perfect shot!

Pay only for the 

pics you love

In a week or two, you will receive a gallery of 40+ lightly retouched digital photos to choose from.


EASY & AFFORDABLE PRICING:    $15 per photo    $120 for any 10    $350 for all 30+


Bitanga Productions

is an

interactive, friendlypatient

outdoor photographer for families, couples, and individuals.

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Rewind, Reflect, Rejoice

Meet Rafael!

Family is everything to you!


Hello mom, my name is Rafael Bitanga, your long lost child! Just kidding... I do have the honor of being a part of your family! At Bitanga Productions, we are interactive, friendly and patient.


Originally based in Kodiak, Alaska, now in Ithaca, New York, we also love to travel around the United States to photograph your family wherever you happen to be.

As my mom tells me, nothing ever stays the same from one day to the next, and your family is forever changing, so don’t wait until tomorrow to capture today’s memories because it will be too late.

Call today to see what we can dream up together!

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