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Who is Bitanga Productions and what do we offer?

What kind of photo sessions do you capture?

Bitanga Productions mainly captures the precious moments of family with children between the 2–12 years old. We also offer sessions for individuals (senior portraits), couples, and children. For other portrait sessions, please contact Bitanga Productions as we are always willing to consider your needs.

How long is my session?

Your session will consist of 45 minutes of active photographing; the other 15 minutes is reserved for moving around to different spots for a change in scenery.

What other services and programs do you offer?

As this point in time, we offer the following photography-related services and products: Event photography. Please submit a request with your event details. Submission of event request does not guarantee coverage, which is contingent on photographer availability. Events must be booked for a minimum of 1 hour and rates start at $185/hour for your first hour with subsequent hours at $150/hour. Event photography bookings require prepayment that is fully refundable up to 5 business days prior to your scheduled event. Retouching: We offer beauty-only (i.e. skin smoothing) retouching services for any photos you’ve purchased starting at a rate of $40 per face per photo. Please email your retouch requests to info@bitangaproductions.com Product photography – IF you have a studio, lighting, and just want a photographer to show up. We can also provide photography for products on models (e.g. jewelry) – though models are not automatically included. Corporate headshots – We send a photographer to your company (or location of your choosing) to do back-to-back sessions of your team at $395/hour. Gift cards: Please contact Bitanga Productions for gift cards. Videography: Bitanga Productions has provided videography services from real estate, video promotions to weddings. Learn more here: Real Estate | Promotions | Weddings For our customers: We have an amazing refer-a-friend program that rewards you handsomely for spreading the word about Bitanga Productions because we’re loyal like that 😉 Earn 1 free photo for every friend who books and attends their session. For every completed referral, you will receive a free download in your next gallery with us! And if you happen to purchase your whole gallery, you’ll receive a $15 credit instead! Click here for more information or email info@bitangaproductions.com We also love our repeat customers! Please email us at info@bitangaproductions.com for more details. Are you a veteran? After you have your session, contact us at info@bitangaproductions.com to receive a special veterans-only discount! Retouching We do offer beauty retouching at an additional fee. All photographs must be purchased before they can be retouched. Our basic beauty retouching is $40 per face (per photo). If you purchase more than 10 photos, the price drops to $20 per face (per photo). Beauty retouching includes: Skin smoothing Wrinkle removal Sharpening eyes Teeth whitening Shine removal It does NOT Include: Manipulating body shapes Removing shadows Removing double chins Adding makeup Swapping faces Removing items in photos/background Manipulating hair To request, please email us at info@bitangaproductions.com.

Why is your pricing so low?

Bitanga Productions strives to provide high quality affordable photos to anyone and everyone. Growing up, our photographer did not have the family luxary to capture beautiful moments so now it has become our mission to do it for everyone. To not ever miss a moment.

Who is the photographer?

Our award winning photographer is Rafael Bitanga. He is currently studying at Cornell University School of Hospitality Administration. Originially born in Laoag City, Philippines, he has lived in Kodiak, Alaska, and now residents in Ithaca, New York. Rafael's mom is a homechild care provider. Together, they have worked to document the beautiful moments of the young ones for their parents to cherish forever. Rafael believes that photos allow us to rewind, reflect, and rejoice once more. Freeze the moments that you won't see again of your children. Contact us to learn more.

How do I book my session?

What makes us the best Aestheticians in town?

You will not meet any salespeople, just medical professionals who have the time and the expertise to explain procedures in detail and answer all of your questions. Extensive experience with all ethnicities, to provide your skin with the best solution.

What makes us the most trusted Aestheticians in town?

We pride ourselves on delivering high standards of care. We believe that everybody should feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. Working in my hometown with people who have known me and trust me. I absolutely enjoy my career. It is my dream job!

What makes us the safest Aestheticians in town?

Patient safety is extremely important to us. We are medically certified and have a wealth of experience in providing high levels of patient care.

What makes us the most confidential Aestheticians in town?

Your personal information – We take precautions to safeguard information about your medical history and services.

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How do I prepare for my session?

What do I need to bring?

If you are shooting with an infant or a young child, we recommend bringing their favorite toy, blankets, and things that they enjoy that will also grab their attention so the photographer will more successfully capture them looking towards their desired direction. For infants, it may help to have toys that make a noise as well. If you are shooting with a pet, we recommend bringing treats, water, and their favorite toy (we know a lot of dogs love squeaky toys!) to help our photographers capture their best angles as well! Having poop bags on hand is also recommended 🙂

Can we bring props?

Absolutely! Please feel free to bring props. Coordinate with Bitanga Productions to make sure it will work with your choosen location.

What do I wear?

Wear something that makes you feel your best! We recommend bringing multiple outfits or options so you get the most out of your session and leave with variety in your gallery! Of course we will have a pop-up changing tent. For larger groups such as families, we reccomend contacting Bitanga Productions to coordinate with color palettes that works best with the season.

What if I am late?

Bitanga Productions will work with your schedule as long as our schedule allows. If you are more than 10 minutes we will charge $20. If you are more than 20 minutes late, you will be considered a no-show and will be charged $40.

Bad weather?

Weather is not always predictable. Bitanga Productions will make sure to reschedule at the earliest time that works for both parties.


Bitanga Productions allows for free cancelation 48 hours before scheduled session. If not canceled before 48 hours, client will have to pay the $100 fee.

For other questions,

please send us a message. 

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